„Someone has sprayed this thing yesterday on the facade of our building and we need some cleaning agent to remove it…” – the same story time and time again heard from the administrators, who did not encounter the problem of vandalism before. Unfortunately, it’s already too late. It would have been much easier, if preventive measures had been taken earlier.


Removing graffiti from smooth surfaces and solvent-resistant surfaces (glass, stone, brick, metal, ceramic tiles, etc.) presents no difficulty, since spray or paint from the markers are not able to penetrate the substrate. To remove it, it is enough to use a solvent capable of dissolving the paint (acrylic paints require a solvent of particular composition, but for regular pens, a standard denatured alcohol will do the job). The surfaces of such type do not require special protection. However, it is not possible to remove graffiti from porous surfaces and absorbent mineral materials such as acrylic plasters, mosaic plasters, or paint coatings, as the paint penetrates deep into the substrate and can be removed only from the surface – almost in every case some traces of paint will remain creating stains and further mechanical cleaning will only deepen the effect by creating a visible change in texture. Therefore, anti-graffiti prevention comes down to covering the substrate with an impregnate or suitable coating that will prevent the pain from penetrating the material and will allow to remove graffiti without damaging the surface. Such agents serves also as protection against dirt, harmful weather factors and UV radiation, and you can use them instead of ordinary hydrophobic impregnation.



We use high-quality, innovative products. Permeable to water vapors, waxes or microwaves protect the surface without causing any damage. In case of graffiti, the removal will be non-invasive and the paint will leave no trace on the facade.


The methods we apply allow us to remove graffiti in a fast and efficient manner. We are able to get rid of unwanted painting from nearly all types of surfaces, including acrylic or mineral plaster, sandstone, stone, clinker, brick or anti-burglary blinds. What is more, during the process of cleaning the surface is at the same time coated, which offers additional protection against atmospheric factors as well as all type of pollutants (e.g. chemicals). The protective layer makes potential future removal of graffiti much faster and less expensive.





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